I never thought I’d be ‘in front of the camera’ teaching OTHER people how to let their purpose and profit-goals beat out their fears so they can come from behind the veil too!

In fact, less than 2 years ago, I had basically given up on the idea that I was supposed to and could be doing something more than graphic design and creative directing on my job and as a side hustle.


I figured I had it pretty good...I was making ends meet doing something creative, after all. But pretty good just wasn’t good enough for me.


I decided at the end of 2016 that I would quit my job in 2017 and that do so, I’d have to leave my hot mess ways behind me. Over the next few months, I dedicated myself to curating my life and business with better habits, systems and strategies. That shift in mindset and a strong push from God, catapulted me off of my job and into my five, soon to be six figure, purpose-driven business.


Today you can find me in my cozy, New-Orleans-style home office-slash-toddler-tent- ‘quarters or snuggled up to netflix with my hubby, admiring our exquisite taste in movie selections.


I am probably drinking Starbucks or Riesling,  day-dreaming of ways I can help other entrepreneurs and influencers glam, grow and monetize their online presence so that they can live with less hustle and more purpose.


Wanna know what sets my soul on fire? Lighting and reigniting the fire in others that has always burned within. That light you let go dim because of fear, circumstances, lack of support or self-sabotage. That thing you dream about being and those people you dream about working, let’s DO it.

oh hello


Xani Morton Williams

I’m obsessed with online marketing and even more so with teaching others how to turn their passion into something profitable online so they can live a more fulfilled, happy life! And, yes I change my hair a lot!

Christiann Xani (Ah-KNEE) Morton Williams, affectionately known as Xani (ah-KNEE), is a New Orleans-based brand strategist, creative director and coach with a downtown LA vibe and a unique gift for packaging up people’s genius.

Her babies, beautifully curated things, good food and good movies make her happy!

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